Wu-Tang Is For The Children: The Book

Let's wind the clocks back to 1999. We're at the Grammys, and Ol' Dirty of the Wu-Tang Clan bum-rushes the stage to announce one thing... "WU-TANG IS FOR THE CHILDREN!" If that’s true, you’d think there’d be a children’s book about it, right? Wrong! So, I decided to make and publish one myself.

And it’s called, that’s right, Wu-Tang Is For The Children. It’s been a best seller at Bookbaby.com since December 2022. 


And to prove that Wu-Tang is TRULY for the children, during its first month of release, we donated 25% of profits to the Children’s Literacy Initiative. 

If you want to support my work, check out my book page below and follow the book on Instagram. I have 10k followers and counting.

   Book Cover Image